November 12, 2007

Her First Car!

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My daughter got her first car this week-end.  Even though she hasn’t taken her Driver’s Education yet, we knew that sooner or later this was coming so we found a great deal and snapped it up.  Of course, I’m sure it’s a little disheartening for someone to give you keys when you can’t drive yet but she was excited as she could be when she saw it so I think it will be fine.  It’s nothing fancy but it’s hers and she’s tickled about it.  She even wrote us a thank you card!  She is my child for sure!  LOL!  I’m happy for her but also a little sad because how in the world did this child get old enough to drive??  Technically she’s old enough to already be driving but we felt that it would be good to hold off on taking Driver’s Ed and getting her license until she turned 17.  She wasn’t too thrilled about that but it make me feel better to wait 🙂 

I don’t know how it is in other states, but here in Texas the parents can actually do the driver’s training.  We felt it would be better for her to actually take a course through a driving school though.  Parents can even sign a waiver for them to not have to go down and take the actual driving test, can you believe that?  They take the written but don’t have to get in the car and do the actual driving part with an officer.  I’m not sure how the driving school will do it but I think everyone should have to do the driving portion of the test.  I remember being so nervous taking mine but I passed everything except the parallel parking so I got my license.  I have never parallelled parked since!  I’ve read that in some states if you fail that portion of the test, you don’t get your license.   I would have been so screwed!


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  1. clevergrl said,

    I work in a high school and believe me, it is the mere thought of possession of a car that makes them giddy. Actually being able to drive it is not as important.

    I totally agree that it is better to hold off getting a driver’s license. Sunshine is going to be a horrible driver. If it ends up being up to us, it will be held off as long as possible.

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