November 6, 2007

Little Bunny Foo-Foo

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We have two rabbits, a dutch named Jack and a lop named Buster, if you ask me, or Mr. Money if you ask my daughter.   They are her rabbits and she named him Buster for about 15 minutes then changed it to Mr. Money.  I like Buster Bunny better as a name so that’s what I call him.  He doesn’t care either way I’m sure.

We’ve had Jack for a few years now.  He’s a really sweet rabbit and so is Buster.  Even though we love them, we don’t really interact with them much.  We’ve entertained the thought of finding them homes but I feel guilty when I think about doing that.  We were in Wal-Mart over the week-end to pick up some food for them and my husband asked me if we were going to get rid of them before winter because if so, he would just buy a small bag of food.  I said I don’t know, which really means no but I didn’t want to say that.  He picks up a small bag and puts in in the basket.  He asked me again and I said, “well I feel bad getting rid of them because we are the only people they’ve ever known.”  He just looks at me, puts the small bag on the shelf and picks up the large bag.  LOL! 

Yesterday Danny went out and cleaned their cages and when he was done, he forgot to latch Jack’s cage.  I’m in the bathroom and I hear a thump and then my dog running.  My first thought is Lucy sounds like a horse when she runs.  Then I hear a different kind of bark so I knew something was up.  I go outside and Jack is trying his hardest to hide behind the trashcans because he has jumped out of his cage (the thump) and Lucy and Nina are trying their hardest to get Jack.  I get both of the dogs to go into their pen while Danny gets Jack.  Just as he’s about to grab him, the dog next door has gotten his mouth underneath the fence and has gotten hold of poor little Jack’s back foot.  Thankfully, thankfully, Jack wasn’t hurt.  He was scared out of his mind but no skin was broken at all.  We got him back into his cage and thumped his back feet for awhile but he’s ok.  That is one lucky rabbit I tell you!  My husband felt awful about forgetting to latch the cage so needless to say, I think the rabbits are here for the duration. 



  1. giveitatry said,

    After that you might think about changing Jack’s name to Thumper…get it? He thumped his back foot for a while…

    I know, it wasn’t that funny.

    That is scary…my luck the dog would have really taken a bite outa little Jack.

  2. terri said,

    haha~ I also thought about the thumper moniker!

    …I also thought about how unlucky the rabbit would be, but how lucky the dog would have been to get the rabbit foot off of the rabbit.

    I am now worried about my thoughts.

  3. Lady Luck said,

    Talk about a “lucky rabbits foot!” Thank goodness he’s OK – at least he’s guaranteed a comfy home for life now – lol! 🙂

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