October 30, 2007

Tuesday’s 10

Posted in Uncategorized tagged at 4:58 pm by sillydreamer

10 things sitting on my desk right now

1.  my digital camera

2.  my kids’ digital camera (which is really my old one)

3.  the remote for the TV

4.  a cool coaster made from the “Rumours” album from my friend Sandy

5.  my phone (why do they tell you not to install a cordless phone next to your computer-I’ve always done this)

6.  2 AA rechargeable batteries (I have no idea if they are charged or dead lol)

7.  a pair of earphones

8.  the lens cap that should be ON my camera

9.  my modem

10.  my mousepad and mouse



  1. giveitatry said,

    I didn’t know you weren’t supposed to put a cordless phone next to a computer…oops.

  2. clevergrl said,

    My husband is always yelling at me about the lens cap for our camera! Glad I’m not the only one. AND I’m glad we aren’t the only ones to give our kids a digital camera! People look at us weird when they find out she has her own.

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