October 17, 2007

Contrary to popular belief….

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I do not need to buy watches, penis elargement products, any other type of pharmaceutical products or software.  I’m also not in the market to “win” a new laptop or “claim” any gift cards from any department stores. 

I can’t believe how much of this type of junk mail I get every single day in my inbox.  I’ve tried blocking  all of the emails but that’s impossible because they just keep coming.  As wonderful as the internet is, I guess there is always going to be people out there that can find a way to ruin it huh? 



  1. Rhonda said,

    I hate that spam too! I also get a ton of it!

  2. Lady Luck said,

    Me too – so irritating!

  3. drives me crazy… but someone has to be buying. wouldn’t they finally quit if no one was interested?

  4. sezzle said,

    Yes that is all so true!

    Yet spam mail is supposed to work! But yet we still get junk mail!

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