September 12, 2007

3 book reviews

Posted in books, thoughts, TV at 2:56 pm by sillydreamer

I finally finished off “Memoirs of a Geisha” last week.  Eh…..I could take it or leave it.  It was well written but I’m just not much of a fiction fan I guess.  I will rent the movie though because I do think it was worth reading and I’m sure the movie will hold my interest too.

“Welfare Brat” by Mary Childers- I have a hard time saying something negative about a book.  I don’t why, I guess I envision that the author is going to read my words and have their feelings hurt lol.  I loved that this young lady grew up in the welfare system and made a better life for herself.  I think I identified with having the same type of family members that she did too. 

“You Can Run but You Can’t Hide” by Duane “Dog” Chapman-Yes, that would be Dog the Bounty Hunter.  I’ve already told you guys that I love reality TV and I love biographies and autobiographies so why wouldn’t I love this book?  I love seeing where people have come from and gone through and how it shapes who they are today.  This man has lived a life for sure.  No matter what you think of his “persona” you have to see that he does try to help people and how can you find fault with that? 


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  1. minerva said,

    The movie is worth watching. : )
    ( Memoirs of a Geisha )

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