August 20, 2007

A nice surprise

Posted in Uncategorized at 3:11 pm by sillydreamer

It’s Monday morning and I have the day off.  I love surprises like that 🙂 

My week-end was good.  Haley and I went shopping and it was smooth sailing the entire way.  We didn’t even have to make it to the mall because we found all of her stuff here.  It was tax free week-end so I’m sure the mall was a nightmare anyway.  I don’t understand the rush mentality when you are only saving the sales tax off your purchase.  I know every little bit helps but I don’t mind spending the extra 8% or so not to have to fight the crowd.

I also made it up to Joann’s and picked up some fabric for the quilt I’m working on but now I see that I need even more to finish.  I did spy some really cute orange/brown/turquoise fabrics that will make up my next project though.  You don’t know how hard it was to just put aside this project and move on to the next one lol.  I looked in the scrapbook section but didn’t buy anything.  Did you hear that….I didn’t buy one single thing in the scrapbook section!  It’s a miracle I tell ya. 

Too bad the library is closed today because I would have made a stop there for some new books.  I’ve been working on “Memoirs of a Geisha” but it’s realllllllly slow.  I feel like it’s written in real time lol.  I’m sure I’ll find something to do on my surprise day off anyway 🙂


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  1. clevergrl said,

    Memoirs of a Geisha takes a while to get going, but it gets there. You get a lot more out of it than from the movie, but when isn’t that true? The book is ALWAYS better.

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