August 17, 2007


Posted in family, scrapbooking, teen ager, thoughts at 7:10 pm by sillydreamer

  It’s Friday!!!!

Does anyone have any fun plans for the week-end?  We went school shopping last night for Heather and Holly so probably this week-end we will have to take Haley.  Even though she is my best shopper I am not looking forward to it because this year the school has a new dress code and she’s not happy about it.  It’s not strict at all but you would think you were telling these kids to come to school dressed in a potato sack!  So please send me good vibes that we make it through ok.

Other than that I think I will make a stop at Joann’s for a little more fabric and Hobby Lobby because I am in the mood to do a little scrapping I think.  I haven’t done any in forever but I’m feeling the itch and I’ve seen some really cute stamps that I might not be able to live without. 

Little princess is up from her nap so I need to run.  I hope you all have a wonderful week-end 🙂


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  1. clevergrl said,

    I haven’t had time for scrapping lately either – maybe I will do some today too. You know, after the pile of grading I have to do. I had to put it in a box to get it all home…

    I took Sunshine shopping for a back to school outfit and we couldn’t agree on what “tasteful” looks like. Or matching. Or not white-trashy (thanks to her mom dressing her in UT). We never got anything. I am just going to buy her an outfit later this week and mail it to her.

    As a teacher, I LOVE dress codes, and I know the kids hate them. Especially at a high school, the get all defensive about self-expression. Good thing I teach art, I can argue their expression is done on paper.

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