August 13, 2007

Fun Monday-What a Treat!

Posted in Uncategorized at 4:28 pm by sillydreamer

My absolute favorite treat is vanilla soft serve ice cream.  I know……how boring, right?  I don’t think so though.  The best I’ve ever eaten was at the Orlando airport at Carvel’s.  Now THAT was heaven in my mouth for sure.  Unfortunately there aren’t any Carvel’s close to me so my favorite place to get my fix is at Dairy Queen, which is the best besides Carvel’s, McDonald’s, Sonic or Sheridan’s. 

Reading all these Fun Monday’s is making my soooooo hungry for sweets now 🙂



  1. giveitatry said,

    You can’t beat a good vanilla cone. I have gone to all of these fun Mondays and now I am starving too.

  2. Rhonda said,

    I just love soft serve Vanilla. I miss Mr Softee driving around the neighborhood 🙂

  3. Susan said,

    It’s a classic that’s been around forever!

  4. chrisb said,

    I can pass on soft serve but I do like all the lovely flavoured organic icecream we can get and Italian ice cream.

  5. Tiggerlane said,

    I like soft serve vanilla ice cream, too…the texture is awesome…

  6. Kaytabug said,

    I agree with your order of the best soft serve!! YUM YUM!! I want some now its been ages since I had any!!!!!

  7. Stephanie said,

    Hey!! Totally NOT boring!! It’s like saying the Mona Lisa is boring ’cause you see copies of it everywhere. Yeah, it’s a classic!!

  8. Karmyn R said,

    Vanilla ice cream was my grandfather’s favorite too – and I always thought it was soooo boring. But, it is good.

  9. mjd said,

    In Northeast Indiana, there is a small chain that serves soft-serve ice cream that is so much better that DQ. I rather enjoy Baskin-Robbins.

  10. Pamela said,

    our town has a little burger and shake place that has the best ice-cream soft serve. I think it is really ice-cream where as the dairy queen serves ice-milk. Although I won’t turn a DQ anything down. (peanut buster parfait. yum)

  11. her indoors said,

    ooohhh lovely, i have put on about 7lbs just looking at all the treats in the fun monday!

  12. beccy said,

    Even better with a flake in.

  13. theotherbear said,

    I like the OLD soft serve. These days it doesn’t seem like real ice cream, it doesn’t even melt when it is warm. I love REAL soft serve though 🙂

  14. Lisa's Chaos said,

    There’s a little place here you can get one of those cones for 40 cents. 🙂

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