August 2, 2007

My “sorta” vacation

Posted in cherokee charmer, family, thoughts at 10:34 pm by sillydreamer

Since yesterday I have only had one daycare kid so I am somewhat on vacation.  He and I even attended my daughter’s drill team show off this afternoon.  No way would I attempt that with all 3 of them!  Not that they aren’t well behaved because for the most part they are, but they ARE 3 years old and two of them are 19 months old so what do you expect.   Even though only having one is pretty boring, it’s also nice to have a little break. 

I can’t believe it but school is starting in about 3 weeks for the girls.  It’s going to be nice to have them all three at one school again but it’s sad that my babies are all in high school!  They were all in high school last school year too but my silly town has the 9th grade by itself so that was 2 stops for me in the morning and afternoon so this will be faster. 

Gotta run and start dinner.  Even when i am on a “sorta” vacation I think my family still wants me to cook something lol. 


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  1. giveitatry said,

    Definitely a “sorta” vacation. Sometimes I think one is more work than three.

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