July 18, 2007

My Guy

Posted in family, thoughts at 1:42 pm by sillydreamer

I want to start this post by saying I am married to a wonderful man.  He is the most unselfish, loving and hard working man I know and I truly mean that.  Everything he does, he does for the good of our family.  He loves me and tells me so every single day.  He compliments me daily, spoils me, does anything I ask him too and always has our families best interest at heart.  He loves our girls and is very protective of them.  I could not ask for a better husband.

He has also married the perfect wife for him.  I know that sounds like I’m boasting but when I tell you his flaw, you will understand that another woman might have already killed him.  That makes me his perfect match and of course I tell him this all the time.

With all of his wonderful attributes he does have a shortcoming (actually he has more but we are only talking about this one today).   My husband says the most inapropriate things to me.  When he says these things, he doesn’t mean them maliciously, they just come out wrong….so very wrong.  Here are two of the latest examples I can think of right now:

     A couple of months before vacation he asks me if I’ve thought about losing weight before going to Florida.   Even for him that’s a little bold so I just look at him and he realizes what he has just said to me.  LOLOLOL.  What he meant was he had been thinking of losing weight some weight and wondered if I had too.  Obviously I can stand to lose some but that’s not what he meant at all. 

     Last night I got my haircut in a little different style for me so when I come home he asks me if I like it.  I said yes I did and he said so do I.  Good answer honey.  Later I catch him looking at me and I said “you don’t like it” and he answers “it’s not bad”.  LOLOLOL!  He actually does like it but he knows that I will style it a little differently and that the way she styled it wasn’t bad, just not how I will do it. 

See what I mean about being the perfect wife for him?  I have to admit in the beginning I wasn’t really sure how to take him but I totally understand how his mind and mouth work now so it’s ok. 


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  1. Megan said,

    Ha, funny. My husband, then fiance, looked me in the eyes and told me I was worthless. What he meant was priceless, but do you think I’ve ever let him forget he said it? No. It’s worth an extra piece of his share of the chocolate every now and then. Now he mostly just keeps his mouth shut.

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