June 29, 2007


Posted in books, thoughts at 5:50 pm by sillydreamer

After trying every possible code I could, I finally had to give up on posting Flickr in my sidebar.  Here is a link to my page with a few of our Disney pictures.  I’ll add more later when I get a chance  http://www.flickr.com/photos/marla68/

Woohoo…it’s Friday!!  For the moment, the sun is shining but there is rain heading our way…again.  One upside to all this rain is my electric bill and water bill have never been this low in June before 🙂

I finished reading “Spooky 8” this past week and it was really good.  I don’t have the book right here handy so I can’t tell you the author but you can google “Spooky 8” and it will take you to the author’s website.  This is a true story and gives you a glimpse into how things really work with our government.  As I was reading, I was torn as to whether believe or not believe what this man is saying.  Some of it was reeeealllly out there such as remote viewers.  I’d never heard of anything like this so I, of course, googled it too and it was pretty interesting too.  After working on something so deep I needed to take a break so I am working on “Momzillas” now.   Total fluff lol.  I’ve read a few chapters and have been skipping ahead so by the week-end I’ll probably just move on to Bob and Lee Woodruff’s book, “In an Instant”.  And that concludes the book review portion of this post LOL!!!!!

I hope everyone has a great week-end.  Danny is off so I’m sure we will go find something to do. 


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  1. lewlew said,

    Hi sillydreamer,

    Spooky 8 sounds like an interesting book. I’ll check into it.

    Thank you, BTW, for adding Yak Attack to your blog roll. I’ve added you to mine as well. I’ve been lurking here– I’ve enjoyed reading your blog posts.

    I tagged you for the 7 Random Things meme, if you’d like to play along.

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