June 28, 2007


Posted in Uncategorized at 3:55 pm by sillydreamer

Technically it’s late morning but it’s still morning.  It’s almost time to go start lunch for the kiddos but I had to share the phone call I just had.

Remember in one of my last posts I mentioned Dove chocolate and the HPV shot?  I did email Dove because I was just curious as to whether they were aware of what was going on.  I checked my email this morning and there was one of them asking me to please call them so I did.

Dove said there were absolutely not endorsing the shot and wanted more information about what happened.  I was really surprised that they even emailed me back but I’m glad they did.  More than anything I was curious but I felt like their company should know if they weren’t endorsing it because I would want to know if someone was using my name to promote something, especially something so hot topic, you know. 

Gotta run and feed the goof troop.  We are all going a little stir crazy from the rain so send me some strong “patient” vibes to get through the rest of the day.  Or you could just come by this evening with some alcohol….I’ll probably be able to use that too LOL!!!!


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  1. giveitatry said,

    Oh, that is interesting – about Dove.

    Yeah, I know what you mean about stir crazy. The summer is getting long and we are only on week three.

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