June 19, 2007

Tuesday’s 10

Posted in Uncategorized at 4:59 pm by sillydreamer

10 “magical” vacation moments

1.   Connor asking if the palm trees along the highway were real or fake.

2.  Me managing to get a terrible sunburn from my knees down and my left arm even though I NEVER left the shade of the umbrella on the beach.

3.  Danny going through the Epass lane of the tollway.  I’m still wondering if we will get a ticket from that in the mail.  To add insult to injury, the car was rented in my name and used my credit card so the ticket will belong to moi LOL 🙂

4.  Heather and Holly singing “Irreplacable” by Beyonce every time one of us would be directing our group to go “to the left”.   We finally started saying “go to the other right” after about 50 time of hearing the song LOL.

5.  The 5 of us standing in the pouring rain to watch the fireworks at Epcot.   Danny didn’t have anything but the four of us girls at least had plastic bags to hold over our heads which helped a little.  It was raining so hard though that the water was streaming down our arms.  The fireworks were worth it though. 

6.  Standing in the wrong line at the airport twice.

7.  The self check-in kiosk not taking our confirmation code on the way to Florida or on the way back either.

8.  Me busting my knuckle opening the shower door.

9.  When we landed in Dallas, the stewardess welcomed us to San Antonio LOL.

10.  Driving 2 hours to the Atlantic side of Florida, snapping a picture and then getting right back in the car and driving back to Orlando.


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