June 6, 2007

Oops I did it again

Posted in Sopranos, thoughts, TV at 4:41 am by sillydreamer

Another Tuesday has come and gone with no “Tuesday’s 10” post.  Just as well….I can’t come up with anything.  I will do it next week though.

Can you believe I didn’t talk about “The Sopranos” yet?  Only one more episode left….wah!  Oh the possibilities for the end!!!  Some think Paulie may be aligning himself with New York and betraying Tony.  I think that’s a good possibility but I guess we will have to wait and see next week.  I can’t believe it’s going to be over…..what will I do?

I’m still working on my quilt.  The more I work on it, the more I see the improvements I need to make but that’s the point, right?  Now I am obsessed with fabric…..I want to buy it all!  This has replaced my obsession with scrapbook paper for now.

The sun was out all day today!!!!!!  It was a gorgeous day and I finally got to take my van and wash it!  Give me a few weeks and I will be whining about how hot it is and how I wish it would rain though 🙂

Gotta go….”The Shield” is on now.  Some more bad boys for me to watch LOL! 


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  1. damewiggy said,

    I so wish I could quilt. I tried, and loved it. But it never failed, I’d sit there for hours, just quilting away — sitting on the couch with the kids, watching a movie, quilting quilting — sooo relaxing…
    then I’d stand up hours later to realize I’d just attached a quilt to the leg of my pajamas. Siiiiiigh.

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