May 31, 2007

Boring blog

Posted in daycare, thoughts at 2:29 pm by sillydreamer

I haven’t blogged in a few days because I don’t think I have anything worth blogging about.  This gloomy, dreary weather is about to do me in I think.  As I’m typing this, it’s getting dark again outside and I hear a little thunder.

Also, I’m getting a fever blister on my top lip and that stinks!

I am practicing with my rotary cutter and have sewn a few blocks together.  I even called the quilting place here in town but they haven’t printed their newsletter yet so I’ll have to call them back and find out when they have beginner classes.  I’ve found so much information online I may not even bother with a class now. 

Not that I wanted to, but last night I bought a new washing machine.  I’ve only had my 9 years but it’s already had 2 issues so now that there was a third one, we decided to just get a new one.  Normally I would be excited about that but we are 9 days away from leaving for vacation so shelling out a few hundred dollars just didn’t set well with me.   What do you do though?  Thank the Lord we have the money to take care of these things and go on.  I feel cheated because I remember as a child, washing machines and dryers last forever.  The first set I had was given to me when I got married and was 30 years old and worked fine.  Gone are those days.  It costs so stinking much to get things repaired, it’s worth it to just buy a new one in the long run.   

I just reread what I wrote and it sounds so “woe is me”.  I surely don’t want to leave on that note so here’s a little conversation I had with J (3 yo) this morning.

Me:  J, you are such a special little man to me….you are dear to my heart.

J:  (Looks straight up in my face, puts his hand over his heart) “You are dear to my heart to, Ya.” 

Love that kid!!!!


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  1. giveitatry said,

    I always thought things lasted longer when I was a kid, but did they? I’m not sure anymore – I think my memory is fading with age. Talk about woe is you – woe is me.

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