May 28, 2007

Shopper’s Delight

Posted in family, fashion, Sopranos, teen ager, TV at 1:14 am by sillydreamer

You would think that having three daughters would mean there is massive amounts of clothes shopping to be had here.  Not so.  My oldest loves to shop and will go anytime, anywhere.  Even if we don’t buy anything at all, she’s like me and just has a good time going and browsing.  Holly likes to go if we go into the store, pick out exactly what she wants and then leave.  No browsing for her at all.  Then there’s Heather.

I can’t tell you how much this child hates to shop.  We are two weeks from vacation and she has got to have some new shorts and bathing suit.  I’ve offered to take her every week for the past 6 weeks probably and she keeps putting it off.  I finally put my foot down today and told her that she has to go tomorrow.  Actually, I started out telling her that she could come with me or I would go myself and she would have to wear whatever I chose regardless of whether she liked it or if it fit.  She actually agreed with this but it was just a stupid bluff on my part because I haven’t been able to pick out clothing for my kids since they were probably 5 years old.  So tomorrow will be the day.  

I don’t really know why she hates to go so badly.  Hello……she wears boy basketball shorts and T shirts so how hard can it be to pick that out? She’s given me her word that she’s not going to fuss, she’s just going to get up and go.  I swear you would think this child was 5, not 15 sometimes.  How can you not like shopping??  What is not to like?  You pick out stuff you like and you don’t even have to pay for it.  Hello…..I want that arrangement for myself. 

I’m sitting here having “Sopranos” withdrawal.  I’m reading message boards and there is speculation that parts of the episodes that we’ve seen this season are going to end up being a dream sequence.  David Chase is big on those anyway so I am going to be super pissed, not to mention confused if some of the major things that have happened really were dream sequences.  I had a hard time accepting that Tony killed Christopher so I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s part of the dream.  I just don’t want it to go out like the one season of “Dallas” where the whole season was a dream.  Remember that or does that seriously make me old LOL.

Look at me finally using my categories!! 


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