May 14, 2007

A teensy gripe

Posted in Uncategorized at 2:34 pm by sillydreamer

I’m listening to the radio this morning and I’m struck by how many Moms out there are complaining about their crappy Mother’s Day.  This makes me so sad.  One lady said her 4 year old gave her a flower pot full of paper flowers and she considered that a crappy gift.  I think that’s precious.

 Maybe I have a different take on Mother’s Day but this is the way I see it.  Yes, I am a Mom and it’s nice to be honored but this is a day that I feel especially blessed to be a Mom.  My oldest daughter did buy me a necklace and I love that but I loved the card she made and enclosed in the box. My twin daughters always make me a homemade card that I treasure.  They make me one every year and I love and cherish every one of them.  I don’t want them to go out and buy me anything I want something from their heart.

I know there are Moms out there who weren’t acknowledged by their children or their husbands and I am sorry for that.  You definately deserve some recognition for the hard work and sacrifices you make for your family.  For the Moms out there who did get a gift that you considered crappy then I’m sorry for you too.  Think of the women out there that desperately want children but can’t have them or the Moms who have buried their children and realize that you are blessed a million times over.



  1. giveitatry said,


    I agree with you. But then again – I also think if you don’t like a gift you shouldn’t complain especially when it is from a child. My kids put on a play for me. It was nice and I am not going to complain about how long it was or how the singing was off key – that just wouldn’t be nice. 🙂

    I really did enjoy it.

    Have a good week!

  2. Courtney said,

    Amen to that sister! I can’t believe how ungrateful some people are. If Corinn gave me a pot of paper flowers, I think my cup would runeth over and I would just be overwhelmed with love. Then again, I feel that way everytime she holds my hand, or gives me a hug, or says “bless you” when I sneeze. Being a mom is the most precious gift any woman can ever receive, and anyone that doesn’t appreciate the little things doesn’t deserve to be a mom.

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