May 9, 2007

Tuesday’s 10

Posted in Uncategorized at 1:28 am by sillydreamer

10 vehicles I’ve owned

1.  2001 Town & Country minivan-this is what I drive now

2.  Toyota Corolla-it was an 80’s model and one of the best cars I’ve ever owned

3.  1987 Ford Ranger-bought it brand new and it was the WORST car I’ve ever owned

4.  Mazda 626-I loved this car….it had a sunroof

5.  Grand Am-I totalled this car after having it about 4 months

6.  Astro van

7.  Dodge Grand Caravan-

8.  Honda Accord

9.  Chevy S10 truck-this was Danny’s but I drove it a lot

10.  Chevy Silverado 2500-this is what Danny drives now….I ran out of my own cars to list LOL!


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