May 8, 2007

Is it just me

Posted in Uncategorized at 12:20 am by sillydreamer

or is my blog really messed up?  I’ll write this and hope for the best.

 So last night we went and saw “Wicked”.  OMG….it was fabulous!!  I can’t tell you how much we all enjoyed the show.  I was a little worried that Heather and Holly wouldn’t get into it but they did.  I was so happy to look down the row and see all three of my kids smiling and clapping!  Our seats were waaaaay in the back but we could see and hear just fine.  If you haven’t seen this and you get a chance to, you should totally go.  We are already looking in to getting tickets to see “The Lion King” in September.

My butt has been dragging all day.  The show didn’t start until 8:00 so we didn’t get home until midnight.  By the time we did showers and baths, it was 1:00am before I went to sleep.  That’s late for me LOL!  Tonight’s dinner was frozen pizza and now I’m chilling out on the couch watching TV, waiting for “The Sopranos” rerun from last night to come on. 

 So seriously, when you log onto my blog is it messed up?  Even my log in page looks really weird too.  Did I break something?


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  1. giveitatry said,

    I am glad that you and the rest of the fam enjoyed Wicked.

    The blog doesn’t seem messed up at all (to me) – I wonder what is going on?

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