May 6, 2007


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It turns out that Heather’s summer school situation is a little more serious than we thought. If she doesn’t pass Algebra she is required to attend summer school. The problem is that we are going on vacation the week school starts. If she misses more than 2 days, she fails summer school and has to repeat the 9th grade.  I was told she could attend summer school if we wanted her to and if not, then she could just retake that class next year.  Apparently that’s not true.

I know the obvious answer would be to not go on vacation but we have been planning this for months.  The plane tickets have already been bought and the house we’re renting has been paid for.   This was to be our last family vacation because I’m sure next year the girls will have summer jobs, etc. and won’t be able to do this.  How can I go and leave her behind when we’ve all been looking forward to this?  I’m so upset just thinking about the whole situation.  She’s upset thinking that her sister and her friends are going to move on without her. 

So if you’re the praying kind please send a few prayers up for her to pass Algebra 🙂  That would certainly make all of our lives easier if that happened. 



  1. Courtney said,

    What a bummer! Is there any way she can get some extra credit it to help pass? That sucks that she would have to go to summer school. I remember failing one semester of English and I just had to take it again the next year. I guess they’ve changed the rules. I hope everything works out. I’d hate for the whole family to miss vacation.

  2. skywindows said,

    Having her miss family vacation for a failed algebra grade seems a bit extreme…

    I do hope that she can pass it and at least this will give her some incentive to pass it…

  3. giveitatry said,

    Maybe you can work something out with the teacher/principal if you explain that the vacation has been planned and paid for.

    What a bummer…..

  4. clevergrl said,

    It doesn’t sound right that she would have to repeat the ninth grade – I’ve never heard of that before (I’m a teacher). Summer school is usually optional, though she will have to retake Algebra next year, providing she fails. I would contact the school’s office (secretary’s know everything), and her math teacher directly and ask them what is up.

    As much as it may suck, she may have to miss the vacation. Is there someone she could stay with while you are gone? Or she could come back early? Missing even one day of summer school will put her way behind, since they cover the material so much faster.

    Good luck!

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