April 17, 2007

Tuesday’s Ten

Posted in Uncategorized at 3:53 pm by sillydreamer

10 things I own and love

1.  My TV in the kitchen….an undermount with a flip down screen, DVD player and radio-I use this thing every single day!  I listen to the radio in the morning and flip on the TV while I am preparing lunch for the kiddos.  I was fine with my little 5 inch black and white tv but Danny really wanted me to have a new one so thank you honey 🙂

2.  My bagless vacuum cleaner-I love emptying it out and seeing all the dirt I’ve picked up…..INSTANT GRATIFICATION and I am all about that!

3.  My expresso machine-I bought a little cheapie Mr. Coffee expresso maker and LOVE it!  It’s the best $30 I’ve ever spent.  If you love cappucino you really should get one of these too.

4.  My Sony Cybershot H2 digital camera-another gift from hubby that I love and cherish.  How did we survive before digital cameras??

5.  My playroom-a little odd you think but this is my daycare room and I am so blessed to have a separate area just for my little ones. 

6.  My van because it’s PAID FOR 🙂

7.  My computer-can you even imagine not having a computer with internet access these days? 

8.  My memory foam topper on my bed-this is heavenly to sleep on 🙂  I can’t tell you how much I love crawling into my bed with that thing on there.  It totally rocks!

9.  My sectional-it’s got the dual recliners and a fold out bed but most importantly it’s soooo comfortable.  We call it Napster because it makes you want to lay down and take a nap 🙂  My last couch was chosen for the looks and was the most uncomfortable piece of furniture ever made.  When we bought this one, we took the whole family to the furniture store and sprawled out.  We were quite the site!  LOL! 

Last but not least..

10.  My scrapbook supplies-I have tons of stuff, so much that it’s almost shameful but I love it all.  I enjoy pulling out all my different paper and embellishments and working on a project.


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