April 9, 2007

Week-end update

Posted in Uncategorized at 2:39 pm by sillydreamer

Well let’s see.   On Friday I took my 3 girls and one of their friends to the mall.  In theory, that sounds so much more enjoyable when you say it than when you actually do it.  Heather needed new shoes so that was the purpose of the trip and after all is said and done, she still needs shoes because she didn’t find any she liked.  It’s not that she’s all that picky, she just knows what she wants and it’s usually something I can’t stand so we have to compromise a little.  Once she finds the pair she wants and I hate then she’s done shopping lol.  Such is life.  All in all we had a good time though.

Saturday was a nothing day, as in I did nothing.  I didn’t even make it to the grocery store so it is slim pickings over here.  LOL!  It was cold and yucky here.  We had snow!!!  Of course nothing that would stick at all, but it was pretty swirling around in the air.  Can you even believe that we had snow on Easter week-end in Texas???  Bizarre!

Sunday was Easter.  The kids are much too old for egg hunting and all that hoopla so they got a treat bag with candy and money so they were happy 🙂  We took them “fishing” on Sunday afternoon.  I say “fishing” because putting your line in the water for about 5 minutes probably isn’t considered fishing but they had fun so it was all good.

So that brings us to Monday.  I’m doing the usual catch up on all the things I didn’t do over the week-end so I’m right on track.  I’ve had too much caffeine already this morning so I’m going to take advantage of this little buzz I’ve got working 🙂 


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