April 3, 2007

When the rain washes you clean, you’ll know

Posted in Uncategorized at 3:47 am by sillydreamer

Lord help, it has rained until I was sure Noah was coming down my street in his big boat!  I can’t believe the amount of water that was coming out of the sky and even though we need it so badly, I have to wonder why we get it ALL at one time.  The week-end ended up being really nice but Friday night was rough going.  We still have farm to market roads that are under water and it’s supposed to rain again tomorrow.  Here’s to hoping that everyone stays safe.

OMG…..today Danny really outdid himself!  I have been looking around for a new wedding ring.  I have a plain gold band now which is precious to me and I wouldn’t part with but lately I’ve been wearing lots of silver so I have wanted to get a white gold ring.  He went and bought one that I had tried on over the week-end and surprised me with it.  It’ s really pretty!!!  I am so used to having a plain band on this finger that it feels really odd to have this on.  It will definately take some getting used to and I am tickled pink that he bought it for me.

Also, he made a special trip to Best Buy and got me the new Stevie Nicks CD/DVD combo!!  I’ve looked here in town but no had the combo pack, just the CD.  I am so thrilled and have already watched it.  It rocks!!!  What can I say, my guy is the best!!!

Not much else to talk about so I guess I’ll head off to bed because the alarm will be beeping at me much too soon.  I am already looking forward to sleeping in on Friday! 


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