April 3, 2007

Dreaming of you

Posted in Uncategorized at 2:33 pm by sillydreamer

I don’t know what I ate last night but I had the longest, most intense dreams all night long!  I woke up exhausted.

My family and Haley’s Dad, step Mom and little brother are all going on vacation to Florida this summer.  In my dream we are sitting in (I’m assuming) the airport waiting to board the plane.  Some old guy is talking to Haley and flirting with her.  Why we are all sitting there just watching I have no idea.  Finally he tries to give her a glass of wine so I’m looking at Danny and Matt waiting for them to do something so finally I get up go over and let him know that she is 16 and will not be having any more to do with him. 

Next we switch scenes to being on the plane.  Instead of regular airplane seats though, we are setting in porch type swings that are hanging from the ceiling.  So bizarre.  We’re not all sitting together either so I’m trying to keep an eye on everyone.  I’m a little nervous to fly so I’m talking to Danny and Lori because they are sitting with me and I keep saying, “if I had a shot of tequila it would probably take the edge off”.  I probably say this 50 times.  Reba McIntire turns around from the seat in front of me and is laughing saying she never flies without her shot of tequila.  LOL.  She didn’t offer me any so apparently she does her shot before boarding.  Finally this little old lady, probably mid 80’s comes and sets next to me and tells me she knows I’m nervous and can probably help me out.  She starts naming off all these pills she carries with her and one of them is Halcion.  I have no idea what Halcion is or what it does but when she says it’s name, I know.  I’m going to have to look this up and see what it is because my dreaming self sure seemed to know.  I ended up not taking any drugs from Granny but I thought she was so sweet to offer.

It’s 10 minutes until take off and I am going through my mental check list and it pops in my head that I forgot to pack the charger for my cell phone.  Crap but oh well, maybe Lori’s charger will work for my phone.  Then I remember that I didn’t pack my make-up bag.  Crap again but between 3 daughters I’m sure I’ll manage.  Then it hits me like a bolt of lightening…..we didn’t bring any luggage with us….NONE!  What in the world am I going to do with an entire family that is spending an entire week almost on vacation and all we have are the clothes on our back?  I am in full panic mode now telling Danny.  He says “relax, I helped pack all the suitcases so it’s fine.”  Then I snap, “do you remember checking any luggage when we got here because if you’ll think carefully you will remember that we didn’t check anything because we DIDN’T BRING ANY OF THE 5 SUITCASES WE PACKED”.  THANKS FOR THE WONDERFUL PACK JOB BUT IT DOESN’T DO US A BIT OF GOOD NOW”.  

LOLOLOL!!!!!  Was that crazy or what??  Also in this dream I had a son that didn’t board the plane with us.  What a wonderful Mom I was last night, huh?  I’ll try and do a better job today while I’m awake 😉


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